Reflection on Honduras Trip by Michael Huffmaster

Day begins: …. before dawn … whoooo…whooooo.  that little bird has a lot of volume.  A cool comfortable morning after a light rain from 2:00 am to 4:00.  And the coffee is ready

The day officially begins with reflect on our personal goals, our individual gifts, God’s mission.  Breakfast  follows at Zamarano…tradition Honduran…fuel for the day.

To the well site…..a 2.5 hrs long ride by diverted route due to construction.  Beautiful, rugged country is traversed, with plenty of rocks and lots of geology for show, green and healthy, verdent, crops in the field.  Rural life is subsistance farming, bless by rains.,  but people are gracious.  Blessed to find accommodation when needed and a village in need of water, maybe a future well project contact.

At Oropolis we rendezvous with the Texas Water Mission Honduran driller Poco….and arrive at the well site.  A blessing prayer for the project is moving, local pargicipants , TWM team members and St Martin’s parishioner missionaries join to ask a blessing, safety and fulfillment. 

Now the well site springs to life, intentioned, directed activity to place the rig, setup for drilling , and prepare logistical support.  Almost immediately the rig cranks up and the well is spudded…..12:15…dust coming forth and gravel and rock emerging from the well bore. Engagement of the team goes on several areas, in the heat of the day…a challenge!  The rig encounters large loose rocks, a hold point.  Lunch follows and we visit the health and safety training.  And a very special visit to the children’s ministry.  Dear and engaging children, studying similar topics as their mothers, for the sanitation keeping water pure,and better living in the future.  The resilience of the general people touches our hearts.

A well underway, a community trained, and our hearts moved in God’s mission for our team participation with Texas Water Mission.

Michael Huffmaster