The Rev. Dr. McBay serves as the primary liaison to all Sunday and weekday Adult Education ministries, as well as various prayer ministries. She grew up in Oxford, England, and earned an MA in Theology from the University of Oxford. Suse’s background before seminary was in student ministry and then she worked as a high school teacher in Bradford. She studied for her M.Div. at St. John’s College, Nottingham. Suse was an adjunct professor both at her seminary as well as at the University of Chester. Her Ph.D. was in the New Testament and looked at “The Divine Warrior and Cosmic Catastrophe: The Impact of Sibylline Oracles on the Interpretation of Mark 13:24-25.” Suse is currently working toward its publication. She is a member of Tyndale House and the Society of Biblical Literature. Suse enjoys rock-climbing and fishing, and is married to Stephen, a native Houstonian; they have two dogs, Leia and Han Solo.

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