We have missed you and are so glad to open our doors to share God’s word as we continue to make and grow disciples for Jesus Christ!

Please help us by following the guidelines that follow. They reflect the requirements set by our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, the CDC and our Governor.

1. Practice Social Distancing:

We ask everyone to observe social distancing of at least six feet in and outside of The Church. Our helpers will lead you to your assigned seats and will dismiss you after the service ends.

2. High-Risk Individuals:

We love all of our St. Martin’s family and always welcome guests. For your safety, we encourage all individuals who fall in high-risk groups as defined by the CDC to stay home and worship online. Click HERE for the CDC Guidelines.

3. Temperature Checks.

Please take your temperature at home before each service to make sure you do not have a fever before you come. We will also have touchless thermometers to take temperatures at the greeting tables outside The Church doors.

4. Masks:

Our Bishop requires that everyone wear a mask. Please bring one from home. Our Clergy and staff will all wear masks too. We ask that everyone wear a mask at all times. (If you didn’t bring one, please ask, and we will provide one.)

5. Schedule:

Doors to The Church will open 30 minutes before the established service time and will close five minutes before the service starts. We recommend that you arrive when the doors open because it will take some time for everyone to be seated. We will continue to live stream our service and that requires that we keep to an exact schedule. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in keeping on schedule.

6. Singing:

Singing is permitted as long as you are wearing a mask.

7. Sanitation:

Hand-sanitizing stations are located at all entrances to our buildings and throughout our space. All touched surfaces will be sanitized after each worship service and gathering. (Door handles, countertops, pews, etc.) Water fountains will be off.

8. Tithes and Offerings:

For your safety, we will not pass offering plates or other items. You can drop off your gifts at the collection points by the doors in the Narthex as you enter and leave the service. You can also text SMEC to 73256 to give or click HERE to set up online contributions on our website.

9. Touched Items:

We will offer you a fresh, newly printed bulletin to use during the service. Please take it home with you or carry it out to the disposal basket at the end of the service. Please do not greet friends with handshakes, hugs or fist bumps.

10. Infant and Child Care:

Child care is available with reservations. Spaces are limited.

11. Restrooms:

We will monitor restroom capacity to make it easier for everyone to follow social distancing practices.