Mission Trip to Budapest

Today we were able to go to the House of Terrors museum in Budapest with a very intelligent Hungarian tour guide who gave us an extended background on the history of Budapest. Hearing about the constant cycle of oppression and liberation of the Hungarians explains a lot about their overall outlook on life and somewhat depressing atmosphere. As a local Hungarian told us, there is a thought that the psychology of Hungarians over these regimes has caused them to adapt, thinking that they will always be stopped, and to be afraid of hope because hope promises let-downs. However, knowing the story behind this people, you can’t help but be amazed at their resilience and overall strength as a culture.

They have been around since as early as 1 AD, and have found ways to survive and thrive. The rise of the younger generation of Hungarians, especially those in Budapest, is promising to be engaged globally and revolutionary against the more dismal sentiments of Hungary.

I’d like to think that the fall of communism and rise of organized religion has allowed people to bloom to their full potential spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Having an ideal being that cares about each of them individually sheds light on the fact that they are not hopeless, and in fact their hope is in God.

Bryan Kight