b'Chapter Two -Young Families with ChildrenJesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as theseMatthew 19:1314 NIVChildren experience Church and Parents, grandparents and otherChurch is where children canlearn about Jesus in many places, butcaregivers are already finding bothlearn more about God and growmost often, they learn from those whothe blessings and challenges of a morea more dynamic faith.care for themparents, guardians regimented or perhaps a more flexibleWhen little ones become part of a and grandparents. schedule for their childrendependingChurch and participate in Sunday School Our children have had their worldon how the pandemic has affected theirand other educational opportunities, we turned upside down during thefamily life. expose them to age-appropriate Bible pandemic. School has not looked likeMany children are back in school, otherslessons and Christian concepts. Young school, team sports have virtuallyare still at home, but many will resistminds quickly absorb these lessons as evaporated, parents have canceled playmore change. Some may even resisttheir leaders strategically shape weekly dates, and clubs and hobby groupscoming back to church! However, weclasses to meet comprehension levels seemed to have vanished. Yet, I suspectknow there are many reasons childrenand interests of all ages and abilities. Age-many children who have been out ofshould be involved in Sunday Schoolbased small groups incorporate engaging school have enjoyed later mornings, aand various Church activities. Let me activities, such as songs and stories with slower pace and perhaps more leisurelist just a few. Bible lessons so that children oftentime with those who care for them.retain what they learn all of their lives. - -08'