b'In Church, leaders and parentsIn Church, your children willIn closing, let me acknowledge there become partners in the important learn that faith can be fun.are many things we do that help task of growing children in theVolunteer leaders and others involved inform our little followers of Jesus into knowledge and love of Christ! our Christian faith formation programsbigger followers of Christ. Praying as Parenting is tough. When you havefor children are especially skilled witha family together at home, teaching other adults working with your children,making sure our young ones will haveour children how to pray, studying the they serve as another source of guidance.fun while growing in faith. Of course, itBible, participating in various outreach The Church is a community whereis not only parents who want childrenprojects and spending time guiding our everyone helps one another. When youto want to come to Church. We do too!children to make good ethical and moral take your children to Sunday School, With intentional teachers, interestingchoices are a few. Indeed, many of these you can rest assured you have caringactivities and friends, your little onesthings can happen at home without adults who will play an important role will count down the days until they candriving to the Church. Yet, here is the in their spiritual growth. Church + go back to Church. This is a great waydealwhat you do at home will only Home = Greater Impact. to show your kids learning about God isbe enhanced and strengthened when a not limited to lessons, and building faithchild participates regularly in the lifeIn Church, your children will of a Church family.widen their circle of friends. can be fun as well!You keep the promises you made As you begin to bring your young ones We all want our children to have at your childs baptism when you back home, you are likely to get many friends and Church is another placeall come to Church. questions. Why do I have to go? You where they can make friendships that,might get some push back. I am tired. for many, will last a lifetime! In Church,When a child is baptized, the priest asksIt might be tempting to get into a war of children learn and play together in athe parents and godparents, Will you bewords, but rather than getting tangled way that fosters healthy relationships,responsible for seeing that the child youup in the why, simply give witness to and families with like-minded prioritiespresent is brought up in the Christianit in your own life. If it is important and beliefs become part of a supportivefaith and life? And the answer is, I will,to you, it will be important to them. Christ-centered community. with Gods help. And the next questionWhen I was a young lad, there was an In Church, your children will is Will you by your prayers and witnessad put out to prevent cigarette smoking. have the opportunity to form help this child to grow into the fullIt showed a father and son doing a good habits. stature of Christ? And the answer is, Inumber of things together: fishing, and will with Gods help. 1 By bringing yourthen an announcer declared, Like father, Soon, many of our children will worshipchildren to Church, you are keeping thelike son; skipping a rock, and then the in the new Parish Life Center. Abovepromises you made at their baptism.announcer said, Like father, like son the Lords Table in this extraordinaryAnd keeping a promise to God is alwaysThen the father smokes and tosses his space, there is a huge depiction of Jesusthe right thing to do! finished cigarette butt to the ground. welcoming children into His arms. ItBy bringing your child to Church, The boy picks it up and looks at it,will be a constant reminder that beingyou are doing exactly what Jesus and the announcer asked, Like father, in the loving embrace of our Lord iscalls on you to do. like son?a place unmatched in all of creation. Yet, of course, like Jesus disciples, weAs noted in the opening ScriptureOur children do learn from what they are to ensure we never hinder children.verse, Jesus bid His followers, Let thehear, but more often than not, they If you consistently take your childrenlittle children come to me do not hinderlearn from what they see and what they to Church when they are young, goodthem Wow! Imagine doing somethingexperience.habits of Church attendance are forgedyou know is exactly what Jesus wouldSo, as Jesus said, Let the little children in their hearts foreverlong after theyhave you do! What an incrediblecome to me That, my friends, is upleave home as young adults. opportunity to follow a timelessto you!invitation from Jesus.1 The Book of Common Prayer, p. 302.- -09'