b'It is important to realize that teensA variety of opportunities A Word about Mental andactually need to ask questions about theOne of the attractive features of ourEmotional Healthbeliefs they had as a child, even if thatstudent ministry at St. Martins is that The teen years are often when our includes doubts about the meaning ofit offers a variety of ways to be involved.children experience acute and/or chronic life and the existence of God. This isRecognizing that as children becomeissues with mental and emotionalall part of the process of maturing andteens, and teens become older teens, sohealth. Here, also, you are not without individuating. Every Christian, at onedo their particular interests, proclivitiesresources. Our Clergy and student time or another, had to come to Christ and talents. ministers are prepared to help you find in his or own particular way, and yourthe necessary professional care your teen is no different. So, our student ministry team offers a wide variety of opportunities to gatherteen may need through individual or for purely social purposes. They plan group therapy. In addition, the Hope get-togethers for large- and small-groupand Healing Center and Institute on our Bible studies; opportunities to serve incampus offers special workshops and worship services as an acolyte, chalicelectures on teen behavioral health. bearer or lay reader; and opportunitiesSo, remember as well, you are not to serve in local outreach projectsevenalone. The Clergy and student ministry mission trips in the US and abroad. team are ready, willing and able to visit Teens may choose to be all in, or theypersonally with any student, and any may choose to participate in only one parent, seeking guidance and direction or a few of these expressions of ouron returning to Church, but also student ministry. establishing a sustaining and long-term Patience, not pressure is the pathcommitment to being part of theduring the teen years. Have as muchChurch family.Remember, the best thing you can do conversation about it as he or she isFor indeed, in the Fathers houseas a parent of a teenager is to listen morewilling to haveand no more, and if theyis the place our teens need to be!than you speak, to listen carefully andcut off the tap altogether, let them be.not dismiss their thoughts, faith, Yet remember, your teens are watching feelings and hopes. what you do.13 '