b'Chapter Four-Young AdultsNow Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry.Luke 3:23 NIVDuring the young adult years, manyyears or college years, there are socialWhy make this a priority? Many will important life transitions take place.pressures to fit in at work and beyond.argue ones faith journey can wait or Things such as career advancement,And, as if all these things werentthat it must be suspended in favor of moving to a new city, getting married,enough, massive cultural shifts havefurthering ones career, finding a mate starting a family and taking ontaken place which have marginalized or establishing a family. But there are civic leadership roles, usually occurthe Christian faith in the wider culture.multiple reasons for getting involvedduring this life stage. Coinciding withAs a result, fewer people attend churchat church. these crucial turning points are newthan in previous generations, and areConsider some of the reflections ofchallenges.now presented with a myriad of the following cultural icons.Whatever path one pursues after highoptions about where to spend Douglas Copeland, an observer of school: the military, the workforce ortheir time. modern culture, who coined the phrase college, a completely new kind of stressWhat is a young adult to do? By the Generation Z, once said, My secret is will suddenly enter life. time you enter into young adulthood,that I need Godthat I am sick and can no For those graduating from an institutionyou know quite well that the decisionlonger make it alone. I need God to help me of higher learning, the next season willto be part of a Church family is prettygive, because I no longer seem to be capable likely be one when one earns his or hermuch up to you. You can pass altogether,of giving; to help me be kind, as I no longer stripes in the working world. This mayor you can make your relationship withseem capable of kindness; to help me love,mean years of graduate school or longChrist central to who you are and as I seem beyond being able to love. hours at an office. Not unlike the teenyour participation in the life of the Church a priority. - 16 -'