b'This is certainly what Richard Melvilleis the emphasis on growing in the faith.often up to the choices we make and the Hall, better known as Moby, believes.Writing to the Church Colossae, Paul andpattern we live our life. He wrote from He donned his nickname as a descendantTimothy encouraged them with this:his own experience!of the author Herman Melville, bestFor this reason, since the day we heardHe enjoyed life and was successful known for his literary classic, Moby Dick.about you, we have not stopped prayingpersonally and professionally, yet he Moby took a different turn in the artsfor you and asking God to fill you with thestill asked, Is there any meaning in my and became a musician. Rolling Stoneknowledge of his will through all spirituallife which will not be annihilated by the named his platinum record, Play, onewisdom and understanding. And we prayinevitability of death which awaits me? of the 200 essential rock recordings. this in order that you may live a life worthyEventually, he realized that only by He reflected, One of my favorite quotes is,of the Lord and may please him in everyliving in relationship with Jesus Christ Those who are sick are in need of a doctor.way; bearing fruit in every good work,do we find the deepest satisfaction for And the sad thing is were all sick. It is partgrowing in the knowledge of God 1 our deepest hungers. 2of the human condition and it is especiallyThe tug during our young adult yearsAs a young adult, this is an exciting stage part of living in the United States in the 21staway from our spiritual lives is strong.in your life. This is a season to deepen century. We need each other, and we needThese are the years when we are fullyyour commitment to Christ, and to God. And if God made the universe and ifengaged in taking steps to further ourparticipate in the life of the church.God made us and if God made the world, iteducation or our career. These are the just makes sense to invite God into our livesComing home to church will not only years we are making decisions about help you grow in your faith, but it will and ask him, You made mewhat should the kind of relationships we want toI be doing? also establish incredibly strong roots, have or not have. The challenge is to from which the fruits of leadership and Taking one more push from someonealso focus on our spiritual lives. service will emerge. In this way, Jesus will known to rock music lovers young andLeo Tolstoy once wrote, If you are notmake you into the kind of leader that old alike, Bono, a self-proclaimed andhappy with your life, you can change it inyour family, and your church needs to unapologetic Christian, said, I think atwo ways: either improve the conditionstake it into the future.defining question for a Christian is: Whoin which you live, or improve your inner was Christ? And I dont think youre let1Colossians 3:9-10.spiritual state. The first one is not always2Nicky Gumbel, Questions of Life (Colorado Springs, off easily by saying a great thinker or apossible, but the second is, because that is Cook Communications, 2003), p. 14-15.great philosopher, because actually he went around saying he was the Messiah. Thats why he was crucified. He was crucified because he said he was the Son of God. So, he either in my view, was the Son of God, or he was nuts, .and, I find it hard to accept that a whole millions and millions of lives, half the earth, for 2,000 years have been touched, have felt their lives touched and inspired by some nutter.These and others found what they needed in their young adult yearsa Compass to deal with lifes challenges, a Strength to be a person of character and integrity, a Source to help heal our broken lives.The Weakness that Comeswith PausingOne of the things we learn from the earliest days of the Christian movement - 17 -'