b'Chapter Six-Our Full-Stature MembersGray hair is a crown of splendor; It is attained by a righteous life Proverbs 16:31We dedicate this section to our full- in London during the German Blitz onon to completion until the day ofstature members. I resist the temptationthat great city. One of our full-statureChrist Jesus. Philippians 1:6 NIVhere to speak of those who God hasmembers was a Secretary of State for theDecades ago, when I was serving at a blessed with long lives as seniors or United States. Only a few years ago, weChurch in Birmingham, Alabama, I used as older members because as I havecounted among our full-stature membersto visit regularly with a lovely woman found from many of them age is oftena U.S. President and First Lady! Hownamed Bea, who was in in her 90s. She just a number. blessed we are with so many wonderful, was bright, alert and though not full full-stature members.No, we are blessed in that about 20of vim and vigor, she could hold court percent of St. Martins members are ageNow is not the time to stop growing! with the best! One day, near her 98th 60 and above. They have rightly earnedI think many would see there comes abirthday, I came for one of our regular the honor and respect they are due.time when there are challenges to healthvisits. Once I sat down, she looked me in Many have lived through the great of mind and body that one should feelthe eyes and said, Well Russell, you are peaks and deep valleys of life. free to pull back from an active Churchnot going to believe this I have breast We have full-stature members who havemembership. The truth of the matter iscancer! I was stunned, and then she lived through a World War, recessionsthere is never a time to stop growing.said, I mean really, breast cancer at my and times of political turmoil. One ofThe Apostle Paul wrote to the Philippiansage! I can understand a heart attack or our deacons served as an airman in thethat he was .confident of this that Hea stroke but breast cancer! Then she Berlin Air Lift. One of our priests waswho began a good work in you will carry itsaid something I will never forget:- -20'