b'Now I wonder what I am going to learn from this? She was not thinking of the end, she was thinking of how to make the best of the days before her by livingthem to the fullest!The next time I visited Bea, it was asif she was about to bust to tell me. She said with a big smile, I know whatI am going to do with this cancer!What? I asked. Then Bea went on to tell me she had volunteered for an experimental cancer treatment, and then she said with a smile, Im going to die of something;I might as well die knowing I might have helped cure this disease! Bea lived about another year and a half, dying peacefully and living to the very end. What a wonderful example!What then to do?St. Martins has a plethora of opportunities for our full-stature members. Of course, regular worship is essential. One of our full-stature members is a regular when our doors are open; but when they are not, she visits our Wayside Chapel, every single day,for fellowship on Sunday over coffee orIsaiah spoke the promise that Godfor a time of prayer and reflection. during the week at Caf St. Martins. made to His faithful children: Even to Two of the most impressive witnessesAnd when you cannot come to us? your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am to personal faith of our members wereHe who will sustain you. I have made you In recent years, under the leadership ofand I will carry you; I will sustain you and the late Honorable George H.W. Bushour outstanding Clergy team, we haveI will rescue you. (Isaiah 46:4) What a and his lovely wife, Barbara. If health orvastly expanded our reach to those wholovely promise.travel did not prevent them, they wereare homebound or in retirement or always, always in Church. nursing homes. The Clergy and trainedWe all know these bodies of ours were When our campus re-opens fully, with lay members of the Shepherds Guildnot meant to last forever. We remember its extraordinary renovations, you willregularly visit with our full-staturewith the latest creak of the knee, crack find many more outdoor places to comemembers who are not able to come toof the elbow, the new gray hair or our for fellowshipto spend time with aChurch. You are still very much a part ofreceding hairlines! However, none of friend or time alone with God. the St. Martins family, even when youthose means we are being emptied of life. cannot be on campus. Let Church comeTruth be told, we are drawing closer to a There are classes Sunday morningto you! Did I mention that my visits withnew beginning with more life than any and throughout the week. Full-statureBea happened in her retirement home?of us have ever experienced.members are encouraged to participateIndeed, she was doing Church up to So, my friends, now is not the time to fully in our Outreach Ministries andher last days. draw back. Perhaps more than ever, now the many offerings at the Activityis the time to jump in with both feet! To Center, including bridge, Mahjong,Stay close to our Lord, as He is alwaysour full-stature members, I offer a firm Jazzercise and art classes. There is timeclose to you. and hearty, Come Home!21'