b'Christians, but that is when the pressprogram, not even a well-funded non-often associates a certain voting blockprofit organization, but Jesus who said with various political perspectives orwe are called to love our neighbor, care candidates. And it is often an inaccuratefor the poor, pull in the outcast and description. reach out to the downtrodden.Your Clergy team is unapologeticallyIt was Jesus who talked about things evangelical. When I describe St. Martinsevery single human desires: peace, love, to others, I tell them we are evangelicalgoodness, purity, forgiveness, healing Christians and we are an evangelicaland truth. It was Jesus who said He was Church. Because, frankly, if we arethe answer to all of these things. He Christians, we are called to be evangelicalpromised that as we followed Him, we Christians. An evangelist is one who would have these things in this life, tells the story, and every one of us isbut also the life to come. So part of our called to do just that. You are not off thetelling of the story is to realize that hook. If you have responded to Jesuspromise of heaven is not just pie in the calling on them to follow and thenFollow Me, then you are asked to be sky, but a real hope for all who put their charging them to share that messageHis disciples and to go into the world trust in Christ. If it is pie in the sky, your with the world. And this, frankly, is howto do His work.time would be much better spent Sunday our faith grows: by inviting others tomorning on the beach, golf course or in follow our Lord. For Jesus, that beganI like the words of Clergyman Leightonbed. I am so thankful none of us is ever with two simple words, Follow Me. Ford who writes, Jesus was born in atempted to do that!(cf. Matthew 4:18-19; Mark 1:17; John 1:43) borrowed manger. He preached from a borrowed boat. He entered Jerusalem on aSo, part of the answer to why isJesus begins His ministry by callingborrowed donkey, He ate the Last Supper inbecause each of us should be part ofothers with this invitation, Follow Me.a borrowed upper room and He was buriedthe answers of the world rather thanHe ends His Earthly ministry mirroringin a borrowed tomb. Now He asks to borrowpart of its problems; we should be those the beginning, go and make disciples ofthe lives of Christians to reach the rest of thewho choose to light a candle ratherall nations, baptizing them.and teachingworld. [And] If we do not speak, then He isthan curse the darkness. And all of this them. 1 You notice something aboutdumb and silent. 2 because Jesus is counting on us.all of those important words? They areI dont know how many of you saw the verbs, not nouns. Jesus does not say, sit,Let me ask this, Are you willing to be ponder, question or think. He tells Hisborrowed in such a way?first installment of Disneys Chronicles disciples to follow, go, make, baptize andThe Why and The How of Narnia that came out some years ago. teach. Why does He do this? Because ifFriend to St. Martins, Michael Flaherty, they did not tell, who would? So you are wondering how to begin?was the films producer and some of you Here is a quick instruction manual: firstwill recall he came to St. Martins and If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, thenwhy, and second how. Why? Therespoke some years back as part of our you are His disciples; and this invitationare several reasons, I suppose, why weLenten series.to follow comes with the bonus of ashould reach out with the story of whatOne of the closing scenes from C.S. charge, go, make, baptize and teach.unfolds at St. Martins week after week. ALewis story literally leapt off the screen This charge is not just to Clergy; it is tobig reason is because Jesus said to do it.for me. Early in the story, the little yoube you banker, homemaker, realThats usually a good start, but why didchild, Lucy, is given a magic potion by estate agent, physician, landman orHe say to do that?Saint Nicholas that can heal wounded retiree. Why? Because, if you do not tell,Jesus wants us to join Him in thepersonseven those mortally wounded. who will?ministry of bringing healing to a brokenWhile I am giving some of the story We call this telling evangelism, and itsand bruised world where, so often,away here, I want you to take particular root word is evangel, from the Greekpeople are burdened by guilt, pain, sin,notice of what happens after the major evangelion, which means Goodalienation from one another, and frombattle between good and evil at the end News, the words Jesus used to describeGod and His love. He is the healingof the film when the soldiers of both His message. I have, over the years, heardbalm to an ailing world. It was notthe Christ-figure, Aslan, and the satanic-disparaging remarks about evangelicalsome political leader, some governmentfigure, the White Witch, are littering - -24'