b'someone says, Tell me a bit aboutyour Church?So, thats the why and the how. If you want a bit more direction, come see one of your Clergy; well be glad to help you along. If you buy into this why and how, consider also what your personal evangelism to others will really mean. Louis Pasteur, the pioneer of immunology, lived at a time when thousands of people died each year of rabies. Pasteur had worked for years on a vaccine. Just as he was about to begin the battlefield. Notice, carefully, LucysChristianity. Most of us here have, inexperimenting on himself, a nine-year-face after she administers the healingsome way, been vigorously invited toold, Joseph Meister, was bitten by a rabid medicine to her wounded brother,be part of some group or organization.dog. The boys mother begged Pasteur Edmund. When she sees it brings himGo to any restaurant and listen to theto experiment on her son. When he back from deaths door, watch the lightenthusiasm with which people speakinjected Joseph for ten days, the boy turn on in her eyes and how it beginsabout their favorite football team,lived. Decades later, of all the things to spread across her face as she realizestelevision show, the latest movie orPasteur could have had etched on his now, she, not Aslan, but she is to take thenovel. Many unashamedly post loyaltygravestone, he asked for three words: medicine out to other injured soldiers.to their favorite ball team on theirJoseph Meister Lived. And she begins to run, not walk, but runbumpers, and others to their favoriteThe greatest legacy each of us could have to the wounded because she realizes atpolitician with yard signs. Why not thenwould be to help others toward a path that moment how desperately each ofbe just as enthusiastic about sharing ourof life: life here and life eternal. The way them needs that kind of medicine. faith when it means deeper life, richerto do that is to follow, to go, to make, to life, even eternal life? Oh, our world needs Him, does it not?baptize, to teach, to make a difference, to Look around your office, walk throughJesus calls you to look around, listen withtell the story again and again and again. the mall and stroll through the grocery.your heart to His prompting and then,And our story is so simple, even Charlie Visit the hospital, go to a nursing home,with the same enthusiasm you mayBrown could understand. The Word come and serve in one of our outreachspeak about the big one that got awaybecame Flesh and lived among us, which ministries, look into the faces of thoseor the next Rockets game or the latestis another way of saying that God loved around you. In every direction, you willblockbuster film, reach out in His Namethe world so much that He was born on see wounded people who need you toSometimes reach out with words,it, lived on it, laughed, cried, slept, ate not walk, but run onto the battlefieldand finally died on it. Three days later, and begin to administer the healingWould you like to join me for worship on Sunday? or Bible Study onHe did for us what we could not do for medicine of Jesus Christ. Because if youourselves. He defeated death forever. 3dont tell them, who will? Thursday? or Can I tell you a bit about my faith? More often, your actionsThe story doesnt end there. The story Second, how? How to do it? Ah.will draw others to Christ, such as yourcontinues in each of us. Have courage; the scary part!gentleness, your joy, your patience andhave hope. Tell the story any wayThere are really two levels and theyyour love. Youve heard me say fromyou can.fall under the category of words andour pulpit more than once, You mayBecause if you dont, who will? ways. My friend John Claypool used tobe the only Bible someone ever reads. 1Matthew 28:19-20. talk about people who wear the badge,You can reach out and evangelize by but dont live the life and those whobeing a person of integrity, humor,2From A Box of Delights, J. John and Mark Stibble, comp.(Monarch Books: London, 2001), p. 61.live the life, but dont wear the badge.trustworthiness and peace. 3Paraphrased from The Rev. Rich Webster, in The Dialogue,We are called to do both.Listen closely, and my hunch is, ifSt. Lukes Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Ala.,We are called to invite others to beyou are sensitive to the questions and25 December/1 January, 2006.part of this community of faith calledqueries of others, it wont be long before 25'