b'Chapter Eight-The Body of ChristNow you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it,1 Corinthians 12:31We have come to the close of thisAllow me to be blunt. As it was Jesusand for service beyond our doors. It isopportunity to reflect on the needcustom to worship, it should be ours all waiting for you at 717 Sage Road.to come back, to be back in Churchas well.If this season away has notThe Gift of Belongingtogether. I hope it has been helpful. created a gnawing hunger to connect The pandemic that has plagued ourwith Our Lord and one another, II have always loved the passage from world in 2020 and now a good portionhonestly do not know what will. YearsFirst Corinthians above. Corinth was of 2021 is mercifully beginning toago, the Episcopal Ad Foundation rana port town and had everything that subside. We are likely not done with ita rather stark commercial. It showed aport towns have: people from all over yet. However, much like the coming ofgroup of pallbearers carrying a coffin the world, coming and going; diverse spring when petals of foliage begin tointo the back of the Church for a funeralraces and religions; and the variety of open after a long cold winter, our doorswith the tag line, Dont wait until itcommercial enterprises one would find are beginning to open. God willing, thetakes six strong men to get you back in a booming coastal town. All of this fall of 2021 will bring a new day to all ofto Church! mix made for a hodge-podgeus who call St. Martins home. of diversity, and often with thatThere is some truth to that my friends.diversity, division.Now, I say a new day because, I thinkDont wait. Make regular, consistent this long time away from one anotherworship part of one of the new-lifePaul set them straight. If you belong to doing the things we love to do has,resolutions you are likely consideringChrist, you are part of His body. And like I hope and pray to God, given us annow in the waning days of the CORONAany body, the Body of our Lord needs all opportunity to more seriously pondervirus. Beyond that, jump into the manyof its parts to function at its best.how much our Church and Churchopportunities we offer for ChristianFor St. Martins, that means our children, family means to us. education, for fellowship, for ministryour teens, our young adults and our 26- -'