b'middle age and full-stature members. If someone is missing, then we are all the worse for it; when someone is with us, we become more the Body than we are without them. It is as simple as that.This is truly the gift of belonging.What will your response be to Jesus invitation?Lets be honest. While we have longedto be together, a lot of us have gotten pretty comfy worshipping from homeperhaps still in our jams, sipping coffee and eating an omelet as the first hymn gets underway.You may be tempted to say, Cant I just continue do all of this at home? Well, yes, of course you can. And for those who are homebound or far away, the virtual worship and learning opportunities will continue. Yet for those of us who are still mobile, consider one of my favorite stories about a clergyman who made a call on one of his members at the turn of the last century.The priests member had stoppedAs he did, the fire began to die down,knock. if anyone hears My voice and opens showing up, and there were no phones,and the warmth in the room went nearlythe door, I will come in and eat with him emails or text messages in thosecompletely away. The two of themand he with Me.days, so the pastor set out to visit his watched as the separated coals turnedIt is an invitation. Jesus, the firstborn of truant member personally. The fellowfrom blazing colors to dark, cold hunks.welcomed him into his home. It was aall creation, the Head of the Church, the chilly night, and the host offered a His member looked up and smiled. Illvery Author of our salvation, still knocks cup of warm tea. see you Sunday, Pastor. at every door where His light has yet Each week and each day at St. Martins,to dwell and asks to be let ininviting They caught up a bit, and then thingsHimself into our hearts, our homes, our got quiet. Then the parishioner knewmost of us have the opportunity to experience an incredible and divinelivesto help us hold all things together. what was up and asked his priest,This is an invitation that no one in his or Honestly, Pastor, why cant I just stay connection to the eternal. He gives us that. Most of you have probably seenher right mind and heart can refuse.at home and worship God in my Therefore, my friends, you are The own way? that famous Victorian painting by Holman Hunt of Jesus standing outsideBody, each and every one of you. Jesus The pastor waited a bit, sipped his teathe door of a house holding a lamp andinvitation is clear. I stand at the door and stared into the burning fire. A fewknocking on a door of a small shack.and knock! What do you do with an moments later, without saying a word,Hunt was careful not to put any latch orinvitation? You offer your RSVP!he got up, went over to the fire, openeddoorknob on the outside of that door.Jesus welcome is clear as a bell.the screen and began to separate theThe choice to open, to let Christ and HisCome Home!piled up coals that were providing lightlight in, belonged to those inside the and warmth to the room. He movedMay each of us offer a profound,dark house. Hunt found his inspirationIll see you there!each coal out one from another untilfrom that brief little verse in Revelation they were set alone along the grate. 3:36. Behold, I stand at the door and1Luke 4:16.- -27'