b'Chapter One-Why Come to Church?.Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father,Philippians 2:911 NIVThe day I wrote this, I had just madeengine; an innocuous spot on your skinphone or computer update, the first or some of those annual doctors visits or in your retina is something that needslast episode of your favorite television checkups with my general practitionerattention and suddenly illness or cancershow? Really, truly, the way we invest and dermatologist, and coming upspreads. We do these things to keep theour time says a great deal about our are appointments with the dentistbody running smoothly.priorities. It says a great deal about and ophthalmologist. We do this toWhat about your soul? If you areintegrity. We hear that word used a lot keep the body tuned up, kind of likereading this, you either are a member orin the secular worldabout our political regular maintenance on cars and homehave some connection to St. Martins.leaders, about shipping vessels, even appliances. If we do not tend to them,You have invested to some degree in theabout the strength of a bridge. It comes there is often a break down. The airongoing health of your soul. However,from Latin, and our forebears used it conditioning blows out and the heatare we as attentive to our souls as weprimarily to speak of deeper things of becomes suffocating, the oil runs loware to those other aspects of our lives?ones character, honesty and faithfulness. and threatens the entire health of theWould you miss an exercise class, aA person of true integrity was wholeor complete. When it comes to our Christian faith, integrity is important. Does our commitment to Christ and His call upon us hold up under the strains of so much competition?As we consider Coming Home to Church, I would like you to consider and pray about this. As we emerge from the pandemic, we have a real opportunity to re-evaluate our commitmentsour priorities. Many of us are thinking about how to reboot exercise routines, return to school, and get back into the rhythm of office hours and social gatherings. Of course, we should not do this until it is safe to do so, but unquestionably, we are all thinking about those kinds of things and making those kinds of plans. These thoughts and plans will tug on us in the days ahead, and there is certainly no harm in responding to that tugunless, unless it impairs the integrity ofour souls.- -05'