b'selected separation from the Body ofyour encounters with people who We do so much to keep other aspects Christ, a Body that he believed helpedare different than you? Can you of our lives in good working order, give individual Christians the antidotesee why the regular coming togetherbut what about our souls? There is a needed to live out faith in a world deeplywith other Christiansto pray, toprescription for the soul.infected with sin. Coming together inworship, to serve and to study Scripture And the regular maintenance thatperson is essential.is so very important in living out thekeeps His Lordship in check is here day Lordship of Christ in our lives and in3. Coming together is a sacramentafter day, week after week, at the corner that attests to the Lordship of Jesus. the integrity of our faith?of Woodway and Sage, a sure place of Author and physician, Rachel Naomihomecoming in the chaos and noise We say in the Episcopal Church thatRemen unpacks integrity by sharing theof the world. Let Jesus be that one note a sacrament is an outward and visibleway a fellow medical colleague describedto which you turn repeatedly so you sign of an inward and spiritual grace 2staying true to himself. he thinks of hiscan play through life in tune with His Lets be honest, there are a lot of peoplelife as an orchestra. Reclaiming his integritybeautiful music and His beautiful(both those who claim to be Christreminds him of that moment before thefamilythe Body of Christ.followers and those who are not) who doconcert where the concertmaster asks the not show up at Church on Sunday (orWhy come to Church? BecauseWednesday as the case may be here atoboist to sound an A. At first there is chaoscoming to Church, my friends, isSt. Martins!). What does that consistentand noise as all the parts of the orchestra trywhat Christians do! rejection of coming together say aboutto align themselves with that note. But as each instrument moves closer and closer to1 Angela Salerno, INH Health Watch; Harvard Study:the Lordship of Christ?it, the noise diminishes and when they all Going to Church Boosts Health, 29 May 2016.The earliest of Christian creeds wasfinally sound it together, there is a moment2 The Book of Common Prayer, p. 857.3www.opendoorsusa.org/christian-persecutionrather simpleJesus is Lord. Lordshipof rest, of homecoming. 4 4Rachel Naomi Remen, My Grandfathers Blessingsis something that either is or is not. (New York: Riverhead Books, 2000), p. 48-49.Someone, or something cannot bekind of Lord. North Korea has been the most difficult place to be a Christian for nearly two decades. The government has outlawed Christianity there because there is no higher authority than the Kim family. 3 The Kim family understands the existential threat to their temporary rule. (Yup; some day, every member of the Kim family will leave this life for the next, and those who choose their own Lordship over that of Christ will have to answer for that choice.) We need to understand that too. Even in our own, very free-to-worship-or-not Houston, Texas, there are things and people that challenge Jesus Lordship.For instance, who or what is Lord over your calendar? Who or what is Lord over your checkbook? Who or what is Lord over the ethical and moral decisions you make day after day? Who or what is Lord over your relationships, your thoughts, your business decisions, your sex life and - -07'