Adult Christian Education Classes

Basic Bible Study
Distributed via email Sundays, Sep. 13-Nov. 22

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“The Ten Commandments as Jesus Taught Them”

What do Christians do? Have you ever realized that the Ten Commandments are important for us as people of the New Testament? But how do they impact discipleship? Jesus spent a lot of time instructing his disciples and a lot of this was based on these famous commands God gave Moses. This series will look at how the Ten Commandments as fulfilled and expanded through Jesus teaching and so give us a clear vision for how Jesus calls us to live our lives.  Links to a video and study guide will be emailed each week on Sunday morning.

Introduction – Sunday, September 13
The First Commandment – Sunday, September 20
The Second Commandment – Sunday, September 27
The Third Commandment – Sunday, October 4
The Fourth Commandment – Sunday, October 11
The Fifth Commandment – Sunday, October 18
The Sixth Commandment – Sunday, October 25
The Seventh Commandment – Sunday, November 1
The Eighth Commandment – Sunday, November 8
The Ninth Commandment – Sunday, November 15
The Tenth Commandment – Sunday, November 22

“Alpha for Families”
Video distributed via email Sundays beginning Oct. 4

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How do we get talking about big questions of faith within our families? Have you ever thought about why we are here? Why do we pray? What about the Spirit? And how do we discuss these things with our middle schoolers or teens? This fall we’re going to be doing the Alpha Course which looks at some of these big faith questions. Each week, we’ll have a different topic covered by a different cleric with questions you can discuss within your families. This series will ground you in the basics of the Christian faith and open up conversation within your home.

Christianity: Boring, Irrelevant, Untrue? – Sunday, October 4
Who is Jesus? – Sunday, October 11
Why did Jesus Die? – Sunday, October 18
How Can I Have Faith? – Sunday, October 25
Why and How Do I Pray? – Sunday, November 1
Why and How Should I Read the Bible? – Sunday, November 8
How Does God Guide Us? – Sunday, November 15
Who is the Holy Spirit? – Sunday, November 22

Adult Bible Study Series with the Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr.
Wednesdays at 7 p.m.
via Youtube and Facebook

“Growing in Grace”

We speak a great deal about the life of grace, and God’s mercy, forgiveness and salvation “by grace.” Yet what does it mean to “grow in grace” as the good Apostle Peter counseled the early Christians? (II Peter 3:18) For 10 weeks, we will explore some key Christian beliefs, as well as various Christian disciplines, as one avenue of growing into a mature faith in Christ! I look forward to “joining” you!
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Week 1: Grace and Beyond – Wednesday, September 16
Week 2: Sin, Repentance and Conversion: Part I – Wednesday, September 23
Week 3: Sin, Repentance and Conversion: Part II – Wednesday, September 30
Week 4: Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord – Wednesday, October 7
Week 5: The Holy Spirit – Wednesday, October 14
Week 6: Sanctification – Wednesday, October 21
Week 7: Discipline of Heart and Soul – Wednesday, October 28
Week 8: Evangelism and Mission – Wednesday, November 4
Week 9: The Journey of Prayer – Wednesday, November 11

St. Martin’s 20s & 30s
Wednesdays via Zoom at 7:30 p.m.

“Where is God in a Coronavirus World”

We are living through a unique, era-defining period. Many of our old certainties have gone, whatever our view of the world and whatever our belief. The Coronavirus pandemic and its effects are perplexing and unsettling for all of us. How do we begin to think it through and cope with it? Join us this fall as we explore these topics using a short book Where is God in a Coronavirus World by Oxford Professor John Lennox.

Covenant Groups

Have you found yourself desiring a closer relationship with other parishioners while  deepening your personal spiritual life? Join one of our Covenant Groups, small groups of  10–12 people who meet bi-weekly from September to May in parishioners’ homes. Meeting for approximately two hours on a designated weeknight, each group discusses the week’s Bible study as they forge new friendships in a pleasant and welcoming setting.  Making a choice from a selection of study guides suggested by St. Martin’s Clergy, each  group will study and discuss their particular choice for the entire year. For more information and to participate, contact Kathy Johnson at 713-985-3834 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.