Heart to Heart

Sponsor a Child Through the Episcopal Diocese of Costa Rica

Supporting Mothers and Children in Costa Rica
Fifty years ago, the Episcopal Diocese of Costa Rica made a pledge to support the children of San Jose by welcoming them into a loving Christian environment where they would be safe to learn, play and grow. A commitment was made to help their mothers by watching their children at no cost, freeing them from worry, to work or to go back to school. Through Hogar Escuela, this ministry has grown from watching 40 children in an old truck depot to caring for more than 300 children in two locations. Hogar Escuela is government-recognized quality care that is the first non-Catholic religious program to receive government funding in Costa Rica.

Make a Difference by Sponsoring a Child
St. Martin’s has been in a deepening relationship with the Diocese of Costa Rica – parishioners have traveled to San Jose for mission trips to participate in Vacation Bible School, help with church construction and play with children at the two diocesan schools. You would be able to be a part of St. Martin’s ministry of mission in Costa Rica even if you are unable to travel there in person.

How Your Sponsorship Works
$10 – 59 gift of any amount will help provide food and offset the cost of a child’s education.
$60 covers the cost of a child’s food for a month. ($720 per year)
$120 covers the cost of a child’s education for a month. ($1,440 per year)
$240 covers all of a child’s costs for a month. ($2,880 per year)

Sign-up forms to sponsor a child will be available at church services during Lent.

For more information, contact Outreach Ministry at 713-985-3811 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.