St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild

Noon – 3 p.m.
Fourth Sunday of the month
1 – 4 p.m.
Activity Center, Upper Hall East

St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild has undertaken an ambitious project for the Chancel area that is designed as a lasting gift of seat cushions and kneelers for clergy, lay Eucharist ministers, chalice bearers and lay readers to enjoy during services. Inspired by the stained glass windows in our church, there are a total of 63 canvases in the project that include 24 seat cushion tops, 24 boxing strips to border the cushions and 15 kneelers. The Guild welcomes stitchers of any skill level and teaches needlepoint from basic stitches to detailed and advanced work.

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The History of St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild

St. Clare’s was formed in 2008 to glorify God by bringing together stitchers of all ages and skill levels to beautify our Parish, support St. Martin’s Outreach programs and nurture the art of needlework in our members.

The Guild is named for Clare di Faverone (1193-1253) who was born into a wealthy family in the town of Assisi, Italy where she met and was inspired by St. Francis. At 18, Clare left her wealth behind to devote herself to prayer and service to others.  An invalid for the last 29 years of her life, she spent hours in bed stitching altar linens for the local churches.  Clare became the Patron Saint of Stitchers and many church needlework guilds are named after her.

2008 – 2011
The Chrismons project, which began being stewarded by St. Clare’s in 2009, has 93 Chrismons stitched by St. Clare’s and Saintly Stitchers to bring joy to the members of our parish.

2008 – Present
Joy of Giving Market sale proceeds of needlepointed items finished and stitched by members funded the Chancel and outreach projects. The Guild stitches and finishes approximate 100 new items for the sale each year.

Guild members sew badges and patches on Yellowstone Academy Boy Scout shirts year round and also for Outreach Sunday.

2009 – 2011
The Nativity Set was stitched and finished for Family Table with the hope that the children of our Parish will enjoy carrying, holding and arranging the pieces while learning and experiencing the miracle and message of the birth of Christ, our Lord.

The Bagby Parish Hall Christmas Tree Skirt, which was stitched by St. Clare’s and Saintly Stitchers, was given to St. Martin’s as an expression of thankfulness for God’s love and for this wonderful Parish. The  unique skirt was designed with appliquéd needlepointed crosses.

2009 – 2013
The wedding kneeler project began with delivery of the canvas in June 2009 and was gifted to St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in April 2013. The beautiful wedding kneeler, which was stewarded by St. Clare’s and was a combined gift from Saintly Stitchers, is a gift to the many couples as they embark on their lives together and in service to our Lord.

2009 – Present
The Guild decorates Christmas stockings for children served by Child Advocates.

2010 – Present
The group is currently hard at work on the Chancel Project in The Church that comprises 39 needlepointed pieces, including 15 kneelers and 24 cushions. Phase I on the Lectern side is designed with symbols and liturgy from the Holy Eucharist; phase II on the Gospel side has symbols and liturgy from the Nicene Creed. Scripture is stitched on the side of the kneelers so that when the kneelers are stored, the words may still be read and reflected upon.

2012 – 2015
Noah, his wife and 32 animals comprise the beautiful Noah’s Ark project stitched by St. Clare’s and gifted to St. Martin’s in April 2015. The hand-painted canvases stitched with a combination of silk, wool, cotton and metallic threads were completed by 25 women, some stitching two to three pieces. The finishing work was done by five Guild members. The handcrafted, mahogany ark, which was commissioned by St. Clare’s and built by Dennis Holmes in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, can house all the needlepointed pieces inside.

2012 – Present
Guild members stitch and finish approximately 50 new Easter and other seasonal items to be sold in St. Martin’s Bookstore & Gift Shoppe year round.

The Bagby Parish Hall Star Tree Topper project is a combined gift from Saintly Stitchers and St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild. The canvas design features a gold and white metallic design on the front of the star, embellished with Swarovski crystal beads, and a gold fir and pinecone design on a white background on the gusset. The embroidered inscription on the back of the star reads, “Presented to St. Martin’s Episcopal Church by Saintly Stitchers and St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild, 2014.” Both Saintly Stitchers and St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild hope that the Star Tree Topper will bring joy to the St. Martin’s community by adorning the Bagby Parish Hall Christmas tree for many years to come.

Guild members sponsored a kneeler for Saintly Stitchers in honor of all St. Martins stitchers.

Funds were donated to Kids’ Meals.

2014 – Present
Three stand-up lighthouses were stitched and finished for the Port of Houston Seafarer’s Center Silent Auction.

Seafarers Anchor Cross Chrismons were designed, stitched, finished and sold to benefit the ministry of the Rev. Lacy Largent, Camp Allen Spiritual Director and Port of Houston Chaplain.

Outreach Program

Kid’s Meals
Second Wednesday of the month
Noon – 1 p.m.
Activity Center, Upper Hall East
Join members of St. Clare’s Needlepoint Guild as they make sandwiches for Kids’ Meals, the nation’s only meals-on-wheels service for children that provides healthy, home-delivered lunches to hungry children under the age of five who live in poverty.