Now is the opportunity to consider how we will respond to God’s generosity to each of us.

Pause and pray about your giving to further His work through St. Martin’s.

Prayerfully consider what St. Martin’s means to you and your family and what St. Martin’s can do for the Houston Community.

Just as our lives become more complex and we learn to budget, so does the ministry and work of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.  This is why we ask every family to thoughtfully and prayerfully express an annual commitment to St. Martin’s in the form of a pledge.  Pledges, even when paid through weekly offerings, help us predict the resources that will be available to the Parish over the course of the year.

Invite God into your heart – so that giving becomes as natural as breathing, for in giving back to him, to his work, – you are doing one of the most godly things you can do. – Luke 6:38

If you would like to discuss Stewardship, please contact Ashley Pratka, Director of Parish Stewardship, at 346-335-8658 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Anglican theologian N.T. Wright has written “…a story…is…the best way of talking about the way the world actually is…”  We are part of the unique story of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, which began 67 years ago in what was basically a sage field. Since then, St. Martin’s has grown in every way – our campus has grown, our membership has increased, our staff has expanded – but more importantly, our ministry, mission and outreach are more than could have even been imagined in those early days.

This year’s Stewardship theme of “What’s Your Story – Writing Our Story Together” reflects how we continue to grow together as a church family. The chapters are told through our gatherings for Worship, our study of Scripture, and our times of celebration and sadness – and our Service not only to our members, but also to those in need beyond our doors.

What is asked of you? Simply, just a few things… We invite you to share your story and we ask all parishioners to:

Pray. As you pray, please consider expressing your gratitude for all your many blessings through a pledge (if possible, a proportional percentage pledge) to St. Martin’s.

Pledge. Make your pledge to the Parish by filling out the pledge card and returning it to the address listed below or by filling out the online pledge form. The more pledges we receive in the days ahead, the better we can prepare your church budget for the coming year.

Proportional Percentage Pledging. The Biblical goal of giving is the tithe: 10% of one’s financial resources. If you have not yet achieved the tithe, choose a pledge that represents a percentage of your income (perhaps it is 1%, 3%, 7% or perhaps .05%). Then, year by year, increase your percentage proportionally until you reach, or even surpass, the tithe!

Pray. Once you have turned in your pledge, pray yet again. Pray that you can fulfill that pledge as the coming year unfolds and pray that the leadership of St. Martin’s are, as you have been, faithful stewards of the gifts entrusted to their leadership.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and decision. May God bless you, and through you, may He bless our beloved St. Martin’s family.

The Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr.