St. Martin’s Vestry is the lay governing body of the Parish, which operates under the guidance of the Rector. It is comprised of elected Vestry members, as well as a variety of associate members. Those who serve on the Vestry are diligent and strong supporters of St. Martin’s future. Each Vestry member devotes a great deal of time to overseeing our financial, property and missions operations. Members are elected to a three-year term, and five of the elected members rotate off the Vestry each January at our Annual Parish Meeting, as we vote on five new members. Thank you, St. Martin’s Vestry, for all the hard work you have done and continue to do for our Parish.

Vestry Executive Committee
Mr. Jim Hibbert, Senior Warden
Mr. Titus Harris III, Junior Warden
Mrs. Anya McInnis, Missions Chair
Mr. Matt Anderson, Treasurer
Mrs. Diane Campbell, Clerk
Mr. Culver Stedman, Past Senior Warden
Mr. Andy Harvin, Chancellor*

Vestry Members
Mrs. Michelle Bain
Mr. Tommy Ford
Mrs. Whitney Gormley
Mrs. Casey Hedges
Mr. Matt Mogas
Mr. Robert Paddock
Mr. Bob Parkey
Mr. Gib Surles
The Hon. John Wooldridge

Associate Members
The Hon. James A. Baker, III, Special Counsel to the Vestry*
Mr. Dale Cheesman III, Special Counsel to the Vestry*
Mr. George Francisco IV, Special Counsel to the Vestry*
Mr. Bob Heston, Jr., Special Counsel to the Vestry*
Mr. Bill Chiles, Senior Council Representative 2019–2020
Mrs. Flo McGee, Senior Council Representative 2019–2020
Mrs. Susan Peterson, Altar Guild President 2019–2020
Mrs. Hope Huber, ECW President 2019–2020
Mr. Joe Lopez, Men of St. Martin’s President 2019–2021
Mr. Ryan LaRue, Usher Representative 2018–2020

*Chancellor and Special Counsel are associate positions, filled at the discretion of the Rector.